We have a new podcast, a new comic and a new website

What a year it’s been! This blog hasn’t seen a lot of activity since our Kickstarter campaign succeeded, partly because of how hard the team has been laboring since then, but also because most of our updates have been going directly to our backers. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any news, however! Far from it. We’ ve been generating animation footage like crazy, and have even spun up a couple of ambitious new side projects. Check it out:

Side projects

The first is our podcast, Animation Is Hard. Having spent so many years building this production into a well-oiled machine, we wanted to share our experiences with the animation community, to support other independent animators and studios who may be working on projects like ours. In each episode, hosts Mike and Matthew discuss the challenges of low-budget animation production, from recruiting freelancers to managing files to crowdfunding. Future episodes will feature interviews with other independent animators and directors, to hear about their own challenges and successes.

The second is The Automan’s Daughter, our weekly webcomic. Set in the world of The Ottoman, and featuring many of the same characters, this colorful new adventure series gives us an opportunity to tell new stories and reach new fans. Perhaps one day we can adapt it into a feature film, you never know…

The website

With all this new creative activity going on, it was the perfect time to give the website a long-overdue redesign. Our new site is cleaner and more focused, and we plan to add more sections as the animated short gets closer to completion. We expect to have a lot of amazing clips and renders to show off, so stay tuned…