The Ottoman

The Automan's Daughter page 5, panel 1

The Comic: The Automan’s Daughter

The Automan's Daughter cover

Over the years that The Ottoman has been in production, the project’s artists have developed a whole world’s worth of concepts, characters and storylines. But there was never any way to explore them in greater detail. Until now!

Launched in April 2016, The Automan’s Daughter is an online comic expanded from the animated short. (Think of it as the feature film version.) It follows the adventures of Aisha Osman and her uncle Siddig as they outwit bikers, spies and kidnappers while preparing for a showdown with the formidable Widowmaker mecha.

The comic is written by Mike Stamm, drawn by Shadia Amin and colored by Sarah Stern. A new page is posted every Friday. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Assorted panels from the comic
Concept art of a delivery monowheel