The Ottoman

Still frame render of sequence 1, shot 25

The animated short film

Sequence 1, shot 5 Sequence 2, shot 22 Sequence 2, shot 29 Sequence 3, shot 8

The Ottoman is a 3D animated short film created by a team of artists from around the world. The film is set in a fictionalized Ottoman Empire, with a visual design inspired by European comic-book artists like Jean “Mœbius” Giraud. The team has been in production for several years, and we are expecting to debut the finished film in late 2017.

The story:

The Ottoman, a cocky mechanic and amateur robot gladiator, is looking forward to proving himself in the arena with his trusty beetle-mecha, the Scarab. But when he discovers that he’ll be facing off against the reigning Tournament champion and his massive mechanical Scorpion, the Ottoman’s confidence turns to panic. Returning home, he begins frantically outfitting his Scarab into the ultimate fighting machine. But when his obsession endangers the lives of his wife and son, the Ottoman must face some hard lessons about what true strength is all about.

Scorpion mecha concept sketch

What is dieselpunk?

Although similar to the steampunk genre, which combines Art Nouveau, Victorian-era fashion and whimsical steam-powered machinery, dieselpunk merges post-WWII Futurist architecture, greaser/chopper subcultures and diesel-powered vehicles. The tone of dieselpunk tends to be less optimistic than steampunk, often with more of a Cold War-inspired, dystopian atmosphere.

The Ottoman team

The Ottoman team, at CTN 2015

A diverse group of animators, modelers, texture artists, technical directors and cinematographers, the Ottoman team hails from around the globe, from Los Angeles to Madrid to Aukland, NZ. Their past film work includes: Zootopia, Frozen, WarcraftThe Little PrinceGuardians of the Galaxy and many more.

Mike Stamm
Animation Director
Dimos Vrysellas
Robert Anaya, Peter Ashamalla, Jaime Austad, Kyle Bernard, Daniel Burns, Isai Calderon, Bob Charles, Laura Craig, Steve Dautner, Andrei Delgado, Jason Dixon, John Fielding, David Friedenstein, Arturo Garcia, Ori Gellman, Flor Giardullo, Hernan Giraldo, Guenever Goik, Wei-Chuan Hsu, Dhar Jabouri, Aaron Johnston, Matthew Krick, George Lambrakis, Nate Lee, Dave Levy, Alberto Martinez, Mark Medrano, Jacob Ovrick, Victor Perez, Juan Rincón, Laura Sullivan, Laura Trespioli, George Toombes, Peppi Tsui, Sam Wilson
Technical Supervisor
Bret Bays
Character TDs
Tiru Shanmugam, Charles Wardlaw, Orestis Konstantinidis
Art Director
Matt Evans
Character Designers
Jim Talbot, Sergey Popov, David Ward
Environment Designers
Dimitri Avramoglou, Goran Delic, Vincent Morin
Mecha Designers
Justin Oaksford, Roger Oda, Dermot Walshe, David Ward
Lead Modeler
David Alvarez
Gary Abrehart, Javier Arjonilla, Sandi Dolšak, Javier Fabuel, Jasper Hesseling, Toby Humphrey, Magne Lauritzen, Michael Marcondes, Steve Pointon, Nicolau Sanchis
Lead Texturer
David Ward
Josep Tomas, Vladimir Ziryanov
Mike Stamm, Dimos Vrysellas
Associate Producers
Maxon Computer, Ann Evans, David O'Reilly, John and Carol Stamm