The road to the medina, part 1

Here at Ottoman headquarters, we’re quite fond of the work that’s gone into crafting the “medina” environment—if you scroll up, it’s right there behind the logo. But it is, in the end, just a low-poly mockup of the real thing. The final version is still quite a ways away.

The earliest prototypes

The initial designs for the medina were drawn up by Dimitri Avramoglou back in 2008. His concepts were later converted into a blocky 3D model which we’ve been using for pre-visualization and tests. As you can see in the image below, the medina features buildings only where the camera can see them.

Overhead view of the low-poly medina
3D model by Gavin Reed
Architectural upgrades

Now that we’re nearing the end of our pre-vis phase, the medina is due for an overhaul. The first step: a library of detailed building designs with which to populate the medina. Some of Tom Woode’s concepts are shown below.

Tom Woode's medina building concepts
Artwork by Tom Woode

To ensure that these new buildings are laid out as realistically as possible, art director Matt Evans is developing a heavily researched map of the walled city for the modelers to build upon, complete with streets, archways and marketplaces.

Matt Evans' hand-drawn medina map
Artwork by Matt Evans

It’s an impressive start to what is sure to be a massive undertaking.