Scorpion Rider: Evolution


Concept art

Jim Talbot, character illustrator and modeler extraordinaire, develops his initial sketches for the fearsome Scorpion Rider.

Scorpion rider preliminary sketches
Character designs by Jim Talbot


Jim recreates his own drawings in 3D, bringing the menacing villain to life.

The Rider 3D
Model by Jim Talbot

Tattoo design and color treatments

David Ward, following his collaboration with Dhar Jabouri on the Scorpion Rider’s elaborate tattoo, turns his attention to the clothing.

Scorpion Rider color treatments
Color designs by David Ward

Maquette and revisions

Art director Matt Evans crafts a clay model as a guide for streamlining the character’s silhouette.

Scorpion Rider maquette
Sculpture by Matt Evans

Hair and clothing

Gary Abrehart painstakingly sculpts new hair meshes for the Rider and the other characters.

The Rider's hair
Hair, brows and beard modeling by Gary Abrehart


David Ward, who had never painted in 3D prior to this project, transforms his earlier color designs into vividly detailed texture maps.

The Rider's textures
Texture painting by David Ward


Technical Director Bret Bays develops the complex body and face controls that allow the Rider to be posed and animated.

The Scorpion Rider's rig
Rig by Bret Bays

Ready for action!

Scorpion Rider posed
Pose and lighting by Mike Stamm