The World of The Ottoman

The Ottoman is an animated short film that brings together elements of dieselpunk, anime and European comics to tell a tale of bustling medinas, ancient amphitheaters... and dueling mechanical insects!

In a small town on the edge of the Sahara, hulking robots scuttle across the sands. A flourishing Ottoman Empire has become the dominant world superpower. Bronze and stone citadels tower over ancient Roman ruins. And once a year, eager pilots bring their vehicles from far and wide to compete in the annual Mecha Wars Tournament.

The Ottoman, a cocky mechanic and amateur robot gladiator, is looking forward to proving himself in the arena with his beetle-shaped mecha, the Scarab. But when he learns that he’ll be facing off against the reigning Tournament champion and his massive mechanical Scorpion, his confidence turns to panic. Returning home, he becomes consumed with outfitting his Scarab into the ultimate fighting machine. But when his obsession endangers the lives of his wife and son, the Ottoman must learn a difficult lesson about what it really takes to face one’s fears.

Concept Art